Monday, November 28, 2011

COMPUTER GAMES Vs TRADICIONAL GAMES ( Some of my November's best paragraphs)

     Everyone says that computer games and traditional games are different, but they have several things in common. For instance, they are both fun, computer games, as Wii, have a lot of kinds of sports to play to not be bored, on the other hand, traditional games, like dolls are "touchable", this means, you can touch and share it with your friends. They are also creative. Computer games open minds to other world, using their graphics and images, however traditional games are more simple, with this kind of games you can imagine and create your own story. On the other hand, this type of entertaiment, is healthy too. Computer games have the option to play with more people, you can play a soccer game with your friends in the machine, play tennis or another sport, traditional games how are imaginative you can play in a lot of different ways, like you're a princess in your castle with your prince. In conclussion this two kinds of games are similar because with them you could have a great time, you can use your imagination and you have fun with them, none of them it's better than the other because they're both very similar.
Clara Rico

Comparative paragraph by Angelo Fabriccio Casanova Loayza

Computer games vs. traditional games

-not violent
-real performance
-develop imagination

-unreal things
-not develop imagination



Computer games
Traditional games

You need other person or people because it is funnier when you win other player  
Is a great reason to hang out with friends and show up your toys

You can learn new skills and strategies to win the game
When one of your friends doesn’t have toys you can share yours
Playing the time goes fast and you can play hours
You spend your time with friends but is great for you

Computer games VS Traditional games
     Computer game and traditional games have different times but they have many similarities. They are both interactive. In fact you need other person or people to play and it is funnier when you win other player. Similarly playing with dolls or cars is a great reason to hang out with friends and show up your toys. Both of them are educative. After all you can learn new skills and strategies to win a computer game. Also when one of your friends doesn’t have toys you learn to share yours. They are both entertaining. If you are playing, the time goes fast and you can play for hours. In addition you spend your time with your friends and that is great for you. All in all computer games and traditional games are very similar.
Angelo Casanova

Friday, November 18, 2011


A)BRAINSTORM...... The first thing that you must do to write a well structured and developed paragraph is to have a great and as big as possible brainstorm. In order to do this you might as well  use all the WH... question words and do not forget about HOW!! .... I know, I know that you will probably not use all the ideas from this step, but you can be sure that they will be really helpful when you get to the actual writing.

B) EDITING...Now after all that beautiful group of ideas it is time to FOCUS and choose only three. These three should support your main idea in a clear way... Once you have chosen them you must get to make them as complete as possible with the help of EXAMPLES, FACTS AND STATISTICS. This last step will assure that your paragraph is well developed.

C) ORGANIZING..... Now is time to put your head in grammar mode.....It is in this part of the writing process that you think about what tense you are going to be using in your upcoming paragraph. This is kind of easy you just need to organize your head in order to use the sentence structure in a proper way.... S V C.
To help you with this I am giving you the link to a great document I have in my google docs...

When you plan your tenses before, the chances of making mistakes are fewer and at the end of the day that is exactly what we are after.....

D) CONNECTORS AND CONJUNCTIONS......  Connectors are used to join words, phrases ad sentences together. Conjunctions on the other hand are used to join sentences, that is, they will come after a period.
Here is the link to a very useful word document about them.

As you were able to see, it is important to define what kind of paragraph you are writing in order to use the right conjunctions. It is imperative that you use the connectors according to the kind of information you decide to add to support your topic sentence.

One document could be found here......

Would you like to practice this grammar point? Here you have a place////

E) WRITING YOUR PARAGRAPH..... A paragraph is like a hamburger, you start and end it mentioning the very same things but in a different way and you need something meaty, something light and something sweet and sour to get the perfectly balanced paragraph. If you accomplish this, your writing will be nothing but delightful to your readers.

Here is a great example of a well developed paragraph.....